Nos expertises

Our Expertise

In addition to its Managing General Agent (MGA) and insurance brokerage activities, DEKATRIA offers a very large range of specialized products. Our different activities lead us to support professionals of the real estate market. Whatever they are insurers, guarantors, bankers, real estate developers, contractors or engineers, we help them day-to-day to develop their project and manage their risks.

Our team made of very diverse backgrounds leverages a strong experience in order to respond to often complex demands from any actor in a real estate program we work for.It is the complementarity of our experiences that gives to all our services their specificity and that makes them unique.

Services for insurers

DEKATRIA acts for insurance companies in back and middle office to setting up and monitoring real estate security bonds and technical guarantees in construction insurance. As for the risk management, we offer a regular monitoring on file and on the field, as close as possible to the project itself. 

As in fields of managing financial guarantees, time is never the ally of the guarantor, we have developed tools and methodology that help us anticipate potential risk deterioration to avert them the best. 

Furthermore, for the technical guarantees, we compile files, especially for “Dommages-Ouvrage”, with highest rigor to make the insurer maintain his recourses during the whole period of guarantee. 

DEKATRIA helps insurance companies by proposing to write bonds and technical guarantees in real estate insurance. Regarding the risk analysis, we complete insurers point of view by several studies: legal, technical, commercial, administrative and financial. 

The risk taking, if it’s a commitment by signature or the issuance of technical guarantees, requires systematically to have the best visibility possible on the client, his current situation and his project.

Our first priority behind all our studies is to complete global analysis by a “on-the-field” approach that boosts our visibility on your commitments and helps you to detect potential risk deterioration.

DEKATRIA acts for insurance companies and reinsurers as audit and portfolio analysis

We operate in the context of portfolio buyback where loss assessment is essential. We also operate in the context of monitoring the management process.

Bank services

Banks that issue mortgage loans must do various verifications, especially legal ones that are directly linked to the insurance sphere.

DEKATRIA helps bankers in the verification of contractual compliance in the projects they are funding. Indeed, in the context of regulated contracts (CCMI-House builders contracts, VEFA contracts…) DEKATRIA is able to validate if the contractual documents at stake are in line with the legislation.

In particular, we check if contractual mandatory clauses are mentioned and correctly written, and if the documents are well-written.

DEKATRIA helps bankers in the verification of subscribed guarantees in order to protect funds that they allowed

For every construction project, specific insurance and guarantees must be subscribed. Some are mandatory while some others are optional. The verification of these documents requires a high level of expertise that banking back-office do not necessarily have. 

In the context of house builder (CMI), we check: 

  • The presence of a guarantor / insurer licensed by the ACPR for the guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and date, for the advanced payment guarantee 
  • the validity of nominative certificates of guarantee of delivery at the agreed price and date
  • the validity of nominative advance payment guarantee certificates (when required),
  • the validity of “Dommages-Ouvrage” certificates 
  • the validity of other optional and mandatory coverages (TRC, RC, RCD, CNR).

Within the framework of Construction Contracts outside the scope of the CCMI, we verify :

  • The presence of an insurer approved by the ACPR for Dommages-Ouvrge insurance and Decenial Liability
  • The validity of the “Dommages-ouvrage” certificate 
  • The validity of the other optional and mandatory coverages (TRC, RC, RCD, CNR),
  • For works contracts for the project financed, consistency between the nature of the work entrusted to the builder and the activities covered by its Decenial Liability,
  • the validity of Decenial Liability certificates.

Within the framework of “Vente en l’Etat Futur d’Achèvement” (VEFA), we check:

  • The presence of a guarantor/insurer authorised by the ACPR for the financial guarantee of completion as well as for the “Dommages-Ouvrage”,
  • The validity of real estate completion bonds,
  • The validity of “Dommages-Ouvrage” certificate,
  • The validity of the other optional and compulsory guarantees (TRC, RC, CNR).

Services to Real Estate developers

DEKATRIA has a strong knowledge and mastery of real estate development programs. DEKATRIA has also built relationships with all the major guarantors and insurers. These complementarities lead us to accompany the real estate developers to structure their presentation file to the guarantors and insurers in order to obtain the most advantageous conditions.

We help you to structure the administrative, legal, commercial, financial, and technical aspects of your project.

An outside, experienced, and multidisciplinary viewpoint is always a valuable asset in setting up your operation.

Our numerous competences allows us, whatever the subject analyzed, to place it in a wide scope, and to bring a pragmatic and concrete answer which integrates all the dimensions of the subject.

DEKATRIA regularly intervenes with real estate developers to assist them in the constitution of their technical insurance files and in particular on “Dommages-ouvrage”.

We intervene to collect and check the completeness of their files in order to avoid any additional premium with the insurers.

We verify:

  • The presence of all the indispensable technical staff,
  • The contracts of the technical contributors and the activities covered by their Decenial Liability insurance policies,
  • For works contracts, consistency between the nature of the work entrusted to the builder and the activities covered by his ten-year insurance,
  • The validity of Decennial Liability certificates,
  • The handover documents,
  • The releases of reserves, lifting
  • Final invoices
  • The final construction cost
  • The final report of the technical controller

Audit and negotiation of insurance contracts for Project Managers, Engineers and Contractors

DEKATRIA has a perfect knowledge of the French construction insurance market. We carry out audits of their activities, their claims background, and their insurance policies on behalf of Project Managers, Engineers and Contractors. After carrying out this analysis, we check the adequacy of their insurance coverage.

We also assist them in the negotiation of the financial terms and conditions of their current insurance contracts.