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Our Team

A professional real estate guarantee and construction insurance team which has been operating for more than 25 years.

In order to fulfill your request, DEKATRIA’s team comes from the Insurance and banking sector. Every employee has a high level of induction training ( Master’s degree in Insurance Law, in business and tax law and in Banking – Finance, Training certificate for the Occupation of lawyer, Advanced diploma in accounting,…) and significant experiences in our fields of action.

Joël Bernard runs DEKATRIA's company.

Graduated from a Banking – Finance and insurance degree, he built his experience in the banking sector (national and international scale) and then in the insurance and bonds industries. He has provided very diverse specialist agencies for whom he has operated as head in charge  and managed two prominent run-off.

He built DEKATRIA and EKWI Insurance, two companies specialized in the construction insurance and bonds for the real estate sector. 

He has delivered real estate insurance training sessions for professionals of the sector for 15 years.

He is member of several professional trade unions and especially he was president of the European Association in Management of Claims (Syndicat Européen de Gestion des Sinistres)

His experience enabled him to build a strong business network and indeed, he is involved in diverse structures including RJB Associés, specialized in claims handling in Life and damage insurance.

DEKATRIA's team is made up of three departments:

Our added value

DEKATRIA is one of the most substantial companies on the financial guarantee and insurance market in the real estate sector.


At the beginning, DEKATRIA’s team was the first one to create the guarantee pack “Equinoxe Pro-Immo” gathering all the necessary guarantees for the real estate developer (GFA, TRC, DO, CNR, RCMO).

The role of developer is in the core DNA of DEKATRIA which makes it its trademark

Tailor-made services

Because any real estate project looks familiar to another, DEKATRIA’s team analyses every case appropriately in order to deliver a tailor-made solution to all our clients.

Indeed, DEKATRIA keeps looking for supporting clients so that they can get the service quality they expect.

Finding solution to complexe risks

Real estate guarantee, technical risks, and the responsibility of all the actors in the building process are very complexe risks that very few Insurance firms take globally into account.

DEKATRIA has made complexity its specificity. 

High skilled team

The risks underwritten by DEKATRIA require legal, technical, administrative and financial advanced skills. DEKATRIA’s team has interdisciplinary skills.

DEKATRIA’s clients take advantage of the efficiency of a skilled and well coordinated team. 

Our partners

In order to manage the whole chain of risks and perpetuate the offers, DEKATRIA has always succeeded in having strong partners. 

DEKATRIA has built relationships with insurers, guarantors, MGA, financial institutions, lawyers and experts that are the main actors of our professional environment.

Our partners :

In claims handling
As a guarantor and insurer
As a financial institution

Origin of the name « Dekatria »

DEKA: from the Greek δέκα meaning Ten.

Ten like 10 years of the main guarantee in real estate which is the Decennial liability (Article 1792 and following Code Civil and article L 241-1 from Code des Assurances)

Our perception of DEKA: we build all our professional relationships with our clients on their strength and their perennity in line with the 10-year period that characterises the construction insurance.  

TRIA: from the Greek τρία meaning Three

Three like the 3 parts involved in an insurance contract: the insurer, the insured and the consultant.

Our perception of TRIA: we multiplicate our efforts by three to offer our clients our insurance market intelligence and our understanding of their professions in order to create an efficient harmonious and balanced tripartit relationship.

ATRIA: plural of αίθριο meaning “Atrium” in Greek.

Since the Etruscan and then in the Antic Rome, the Atrium is the centerpiece of the house, opened in the center of the roof in order to collect rainwater and let the sun in. In the current architecture, the Atrium represents the key piece of a construction. 

Our perception of ATRIA: its former definition as well as the current one gathering the talent of the architect  and sustainability create a perfect contemporary definition of it.

DEKATRIA: from the Greek δεκατρία meaning Thirteen.

Thirteen like the 13 years of premium funding in the Decennial Liability and the “Dommages-Ouvrage” insurance that are mandatory in article A 331-21 from Code des Assurances.


Join us

Recruiting policy

As part of our development, we are constantly looking for involved contributors that share our vision of service.

Job vacancies essentially concern underwriting management and claims handling in the building insurance sector.

We are looking for high skilled and experienced profiles who have legal expertise in fields of insurance law and/or construction law. 

Other profiles needed :

  • Financial profiles combined with skills in Real Estate are also likely to be needed for us in accordance with the financial guarantee we manage. 
  • Commercial profile / Chargé d’affaires having strong experience in brokerage.

English fluency is a key comparative advantage. 

You are autonomous, rigorous and have good interpersonal skills.


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